About Us

We are agricultural traders with a focus on representing South African farmers in the international market. Our company was founded as we were looking for more competitive rates for selling our own produce and exporting to international buyers. We found that we can offer better representation to South African farmers by building relationships and understanding our farmers’ needs.


What We Offer

We find international buyers for our farmers and negotiate the terms of each trade with our buyers. We ensure that we bring maximum value for each party involved and provide transparency of the produce we have to offer. We arrange the logistics and do the customs documentation for each export.

We negotiate the terms of each transaction to ensure that each farmer receives maximum value, and each buyer is fully satisfied with the quality produce that they receive.


Our Services

International Representation

We find buyers globally, with a focus on the Middle East and Eastern countries.

Grading and Certification

We have each harvest graded and certified to ensure we deliver good quality produce to our buyers.

Sourcing and Negotiation

We find quality sources of produce and arrange transactions on behalf of each buyer and seller.

Export Management

We ensure that each shipment is handled in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Customs Declaration

We are responsible for preparing the customs documentation for each export.

Trade Consulting

We help with export classification and interpreting regulations.

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Lehau, Limpopo Province,
South Africa

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